Simple "Recipe Style Techniques" for
Organizing Your Desk

Please note: This section is extremely lengthy and has been creatively designed to assist you when you are finally ready to uncover your missing Desk-top -- at your leisure.

I highly suggest taking several "before" pictures prior to starting this project. You will be absolutely amazed at the results you achieve in following this simple recipe and you may appreciate the pictures at a later date.

When you have completed the recipe we believe you will be very proud of the results and once again ...remember to take the "after" shot!

There will be 12 specific "Hot Picks" recommended in this recipe as well as "how" to use them. So make sure you check out the products mentioned and do your ordering/pick up prior to D-Day.

So, you think your desk is there somewhere? Don't worry we'll help you find it!

The desk, where is it -- it's gotta be near...
I'll just lift up these papers -- I swear it's right here!
I'm a left-brained person (I tell myself)...
So organized and neat -- no mess on my shelves!
Take time, don't panic, relax, don't move,
In no time at all you'll be in the groove.

My office is neat -- well most of the time.
The guys at the office...yuk, nothing like mine!
They dump stuff around and things fall to the floor,
paper clips, pencils, and pens galore!

My right-brain responds to its left-brained pal
And working together I'll be a new gal!
I swear from now on, I'll not procrastinate
To keep all things in order, as Julie states...
For this lady will give me organizational tips
I'm so inspired with words exuding from her lips!
My filing system is so intact you'll be inspired,
For Julie can help you achieve what you desired!

Julie's newest thing is -- wire basket files,
They are neatly stacked and help with the piles.
She says it's real easy -- brings about change,
In just 21 days you'll be re-arranged.
At home, at the office -- don't be chaotic
When you're organized, it's absolutely melodic!

With work habits changed, you'll never believe
The new energy you have is such a reprieve!

So here's to Julie and her organizational skills
It couldn't be better... no fuss and no frills
With zealous enthusiasm, I can't wait to get started
Old mess, old habits...forever parted!

by Grace West '94

Welcome !!

What a great poem! One of my dear, sweet, creative clients wrote this as a testimonial of her dilemmas in dealing with a huge hunk of wood in her office, aka: the office desk! The reason I shared this poem is because far too many of you out there think:

"I am the only one with this dilemma."

"No one else has this problem."

"I'm suppose to be able to handle this myself."

"I couldn't possibly ask for help -- I'm too embarrassed."

Well, I am here, to tell you: "you are not alone!" Not by a long shot! No way JoseŽ! There are literally a large staggering number of people besieged with the same situation around the globe.

Might I interject a dose of reality here?

How in heavens name are you suppose to tackle this great feat if you were never taught the processes and steps involved to getting organized?

You see, organization is not taught in school and if you didn't grow up learning these skills as a child you might be torturing yourself unnecessarily with futile attempts that continue to leave you quite disheartened. This only causes more discouragement and renders feelings of:

"Something is wrong with me --

"I should be able to do this on my own."

Whoa! Not so!

That is why this website is here! To empower you with the necessary tools in a simple, fun, step-by-step process so that you can acquire the necessary skills.

So chill out ...take a load off your feet ...release all that pressure you put on yourself ...take a deep breath and read on. Oh, feel free to jump in at any time and start tackling that desk, you'd be surprised at how simple the process really is once we break it into "chewable chunks" for you!
Addressing The Ol' Dumping Habit...

OK now. Fact: the desk in many an office becomes a dumping area for anything and everything.

It's OK. Let's be honest here, I see all those dirty dishes, scraps of paper, last weeks mail, screws, loose change, batteries, tons of paper, old film, business cards from networking, dental floss, cd's, stacks of files, rolls of undeveloped film, party invites, diskettes, old journals, extra computer cables, nail clipper, dog's leash (uh -- it's buried -- I see the chain clip), Mikey's boxcars, fundraiser requests, check statements, pay stubs, Suzi's hair brush ...only to name a few immediately visible items.

Our goal today is unearthing the bottom of this wonderful office tool and discovering what it actually looks like again! I will give you helpful tips on getting it organized and teach you how to keep it organized!

I assure you that this will be a FUN experience as well as give you a chance to finally tackle your organizing challenges in the office without feeling defeated. C'mon now -- we are here to cheer you on Nike says let's: "just do it."
How To Use This Section...

In following these simply stated, recipe style steps, I have increased the possibilities of you mastering this task lickety-split! I highly suggest reading through the entire recipe for organizing the office desk prior to starting. In this manner you can take a peek at some of the products I feel will greatly contribute to your efficiency and effectiveness. Besides, I have searched HIGH and low for the most reputable products to suit your needs. Especially products that make getting organized more fun in the process!

Oh, you didn't know? Getting organized is ALL about having order for you to do what you do best in life!

Some Things To Keep In The Back Of Your Mind...
Good luck, enjoy and remember... have fun!!

A Few Guidelines Along The Way...

Snacking and coffee breaks are permissible -- as long as you break in short intervals of 10 minutes every hour. After all, I want you to think of this task as fun, not drudgery, yet we need to complete the office desk by a reasonable hour and we wouldn't want you to burn out in the process.
When To Start?

If your office desk appears to be a real organizing challenge, then I highly suggest starting early in the morning to tackle this fun job. Oh c'mon, let's lighten up now ...we have a choice to view this as something empowering and fun for ourselves...or a laborious task.


You are GREAT! You are TERRIFIC! You are AWESOME!!! Let's see your true self shine through in clearing away the clutter. I KNOW you can do it!! You have far too much to offer the world and dis-organization is holding you back from achieving your true dreams.

Trust me on this one! You probably can no longer fathom the REAL amount of stress you are carrying as extra baggage in attempting to be your best in a dis-organized state ... until you experience the bliss of other side.

Let me tell you a quick story:

Recently, a client of mine traveled extensively on the Mainland (we live in Hawai'i and fondly refer to the contiguous states this way). In his ventures he realized he inadvertently left pertinent information at home.

In order to retrieve the information he contacted his roommate and asked him to "go into the left file cabinet, the 4th file drawer down, 1/2 way into the files and locate the label called "X", to retrieve the paper in the file folder marked "Y". To his utter amazement he recalled exactly where the information was located and received the missing data from his roommate!

Is this empowering or what? Morale of the story? He expressed that the long distance call was reduced by several dollars in comparison to what it could have been prior to getting organized AND his roommate was amazed!

I personally felt an urgent need to ask: "could you have done this before?" He replied: "HA! Are you kidding? My roommate would have hung up on me if I had made such a request in the past!" for thought?

Ingredients for Organizing Your Desk

How Long Will This Take...

Now, everyone always asks: "How much time do you think it will take?" (And we wonder why kids always ask "how much longer until we get there?") The time invested is dependent on the size of the desk, the amount of papers and the time you last spotted the desktop.

Hmmmm, that reminds me of a desk I recently worked on with a client. It took us 4 hours to hit bottom. In the process of the final layer, we discovered a desk calendar dated November 1993! That was the last time they had seen their desk top! So, you see, there is hope for all of you and puleeeze remember gentle with yourself -- you are not alone!
The Not So Obvious, Obvious...

Now, once you get a desk that's a whole different story and that's why you are here at this moment! You wouldn't want your desk to become a work station of U.P.O's. (Unidentified Piled Objects), and you want to avoid acquiring your "desk PhD." (Piles Higher and Deeper).

OK. For those of you with a real live desk now (yes, there are living creatures in many of the ones I've seen) I want you to understand that many, many, many people get behind in maintaining their desk. Starting now, the size of your desk (or lack of) is no longer a good excuse for remaining dis-organized. Got it? Procrastination on organizing the desk ends as of today!

Today is "D-DAY"
Let's Begin...

CPR For The Desktop...

Sorting Piles And Stuff...

Food Stuff:

Wow! It's starting to smell better already! Let the sun shine...let the sun shine in!

Magazine Stuff:

Business Card Stuff:

Break Time!

It's time for a cup of java, tea, juice or a piece of fruit! See you in 10 minutes.

Ahhhhh, just what the Organizing Doctor ordered!
Paper Pile Outlaws...

Friend Or Foe Stuff...

And now a note from our gracious Hostess....

Aloha one and all!

Welcome to Office Desk Section of the 1,2,3 SORT IT website! I'm thrilled you could stop by for a visit!!

A quick note about 1,2,3 SORT IT. Since the unveiling of this website back in January 1997, the entire "Office Desk Organizing Recipe" has been at the disposal of literally thousands of people each month. (Pssst, there is another one in the Residential Organizing section for organizing your Kitchen too!)

Many accepted my challenge of "Give it a shot on your own" with incredible success!!! I have literally received hundreds of emails from people all over the world expressing their delight in what they accomplished by following this recipe. YIPEEEE!!! Many are even posted in "Success Stories."

I made this "Office Desk Organizing Recipe" available to test the waters because I truly believe what I have created can assist you in organizing your desk! No matter who you are; where you live; or how organizationally challenged you are at this point in time!

The most repeated comment I get from people is: "Finally someone not only told us WHAT to do -- you have told us HOW to do it!"

Yet, the time has now come to move the "Office Desk Organizing Recipe" in entirety, to it's new home: "Registered Members."

For a nominal fee you can now download the full "Office Desk Recipe" on our secured server. The fee is ONLY $8.00 per recipe! Such a deal!!!

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Much Aloha and Happy Organizing!!

Julie Signore
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