Nothing is spared in the world of a Professional Organizer -- including your automobile!

Some of the toughest challenges in organizing an auto are encountered by:

  • Business professionals primarily dealing in sales.

    To assist in organizing your automobile -- we decided to go to the pros & contacted Mobile Technology Products.

    Not only did we receive an innovative catalog: The Mobile Office Outfitter, we personally got a chance to speak with the author of: 66 Tips For Organizing & Working From A Mobile Office -- George Phirippidis

    With special permission, George has given us the privilege of quoting 9 of his valuable tips for all you road warriors!

    For more information on Mobile Technology Products, please visit our Resource Section, you will find them listed under the tab for Innovative Vendors.

    Note: Although the following tips are aimed primarily at sales professionals, after reading over George's tips booklet I have concluded that the 2nd most challenged area the: family auto designated for taxi services, would also greatly benefit by many of his helpful tips!

    Mobile Office Tips
    by George Phirippidis

  • Sales reps spend approximately 7.5 days a year at the trunk of their vehicles, looking for & retrieving items for sales or service calls.

  • Over 40% of marketing literature is thrown away annually due to lost, worn, torn & damaged supplies.

  • Purchase an in-car cell phone holder. There are a variety of suction cup, cigarette lighter & air vent mount holders that keep your phone secure, stable & easy to get to.

  • Organize & store your account & literature files in portable containers. This makes transport easy & protects your files from damage. Secure the containers in the front passenger seat, floor, back seat or rear cargo area of your vehicle. To prevent shifting & sliding, attach Velcro® pads to the bottom of the unit.

  • Install a portable multiple cigarette lighter adapter. This allows you to plug several devices into one outlet strip & eliminates plugging & unplugging various devices from one cigarette lighter.

  • Stay organizationally motivated! Keeping your trunk or cargo area organized takes less time & energy to maintain than trying to find something buried in a messy trunk.

  • Consider using a hands-free cell phone kit when you talk from the car on a regular basis. Holding a cell phone with one arm for any amount of time creates a surprising amount of neck & shoulder tension.

  • Invest in a mobile desk that suits your ergonomic appeal. Portable car desks reduce a variety of extreme posture positions when taking notes or entering data in a laptop.

  • Consider using a voice organizer to record ideas, thoughts or new projects that come to mind while traveling. This is especially useful when driving & can be faster & more accurate in capturing thoughts.

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