Garage Sales

Having a garage sale is no simple task. Many people get off track and behind schedule with them because they think of it as a "to do". Might I suggest that you think of it is a major project that incorporates many to do's.

Note: A lot of people will map out their Saturday according to the location of each sale. Placing an ad is a good return on investment.

Note: If you run a joint sale be sure to have a system set up for tracking who sold what for whom. (How about color coding the price stickers?)

Note: Whatever you do, have a plan for these items. Don't let them land in your garage to collect dust. In order for someone to use them they will need to receive them.

  • Avoid relying on your memory to remember what items were designated for the garage sale at a later date. Keep these items in a box that will be easily accessible to add to in the future.

  • Remember, the goal is to handle each item as little as possible.

  • Note: Make sure you have a private area people can try clothes on ...without having to enter your home.

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