Closets & Drawers


  • Have a garage sale,
  • donate it to charity,
  • bring it to a homeless center.
  • Note: don't forget the receipt - it's a tax deduction.

  • Weed through your closet on a seasonal basis. Model everything. Invite a friend over to help critique you in your endeavors to weed out.

  • Ask yourself:
  • How does it look?
  • Will you really wear it again?
  • Is it outdated, worn or tattered?
  • Does it enhance your appearance or was it a favorite item 10 years ago?

  • Keep what you have used and LET GO OF THE REST.

  • Avoid mixing "play" shirts with a "dress" blouses. Do the same for skirts and dresses.
  • Avoid storing shoes in the original box they came in. You will forget what you have if you can't see it, and probably will be frantically running late and have to search for the pair you want to wear that day.

  • Drawers:

  • When organizing your drawers setup designated drawers for specific categories:
  • under garments
  • lingerie
  • T-shirts
  • shorts/jeans
  • bathing suits
  • socks
  • sleepware
  • belts
  • sweaters etc...

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