1,2,3 SORT IT Chatroom

Aloha and Welcome to the 1,2,3 SORT IT Chat Room:

Well folks, you asked for this too!! It is my intention that this chat room becomes a meeting place for people to address their organization challenges and victories for business and residential organizing. Being able communicate in "Real Time" can be incredibly motivating too!

It has been my experience that you ALL have valuable contributions to make based on our own experiences. No matter how trite or simple *you* may think it is, the odds are extremely high that your tidbit can be a lifesaver for someone else.

There will be "Special Guest" appearances throughout the year in the 1,2,3 SORT IT chat room. Just sign our guestbook and you will receive notification on the pertinent details for Who, What, When and Where in advance. In the interim, enjoy each others knowledge and experience and I'll pop in and out as time permits.

Come on in...we're waiting for you!

Much Aloha and Happy Organizing!

Julie Signore - CEO
Organizing Consultant/Procrastination Coach/Professional Speaker/Certified Teleleader
1,2,3 SORT IT - Organizing Solutions - Innovative Tools


Quick "How-To"
The main part of the page displays what everyone is saying. To respond, simply type what you want to say in the field at the bottom of the page, and press "Update." Your words will then be added to the screen. Those of you more technically inclined can add HTML to your words to spruce them up.

You can also just sit back and listen to everyone else by checking in the box labeled "Real-Time," and the computer will automagically update the conversation as it develops. To jump back in to say something, just click on "Chat-Update" and continue as above.

When you're finished, just click on "Exit," then close the window.

Have fun!

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