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And now a word from our gracious host ...Julie that is!

Your feedback on the evaluations is an incredible measure of what this website is doing for hundreds of thousands of you. I thank you for your fond comments and helpful suggestions. Your evaluations are never in vain, as I personally read every one of them!

Mahalo for your continued support and for your efforts in spreading the word of 1,2,3 SORT IT Organizing Solutions -- Innovative Tools !

Mahalo Nui Loa and much Aloha,

Julie Signore-
Organizational Consultant / Professional Speaker
Principle and Founder: The PHOENIX Organizational Consulting Service
CEO: 1,2,3 SORT IT Organizing Solutions -- Innovative Tools


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June 2004:
Mercy Dzwir from Carson City NV

March 2004:
Betty Shortt from Liberty Hill TX

December 2003:
Chris Henderson from Calgary, Canada

September 2003:
Pam Seekings from Manitoba, Canada

June 2003:
Carol Wells from: Ballwin, MO.

March 2003:
Laura Betts from: Bartonville, IL.

December 2002:
Simone Suarez from: Sao Apulo, Brazil

September 2002:
Caroline McGrath from: Wellington, NJ.

June 2002:
Raymona Baldwin from: Bellevue, WA.

March 2002:
Kimberly Sykes from: Bowling Green, KY.

December 2001:
Kyra Moore from: Culpeper, VA.

September 2001:
Karen Braun from: El Cajon, CA.

June 2001:
Karen Hines from: Tucker, GA.

March 2001:
Angela Metzger from: Aurora, IN.

December 2000:
Beverly Atkins from: Glen Allen, VA.


CONGRATULATIONS Jennifer from Bryan TX!!

Jennifer told us that she can be pretty organized until hubby and child comes home -- for whatever it's worth Jennifer -- you surely are not alone! {smile}

Several things REALLY impressed us with Jennifer's entry. SO much so...we are going to share portions of her responses with you all now!

Q: " Do you have a balance between your personal and professional roles?"
A: "Yes, I have days designed to do my professional roles and paperwork. There's specific hours and those are the only hours my son is at a daycare/babysitter. The rest of the time is our time. We develop our relationship, his mind and our spirituality rather than my bank account. Having priorities and knowing when and how to say "NO" (both to son and clients) has made it possible to balance and remain sane.

BRAVO Jennifer!!!!! You have definitely tuned into the BIG PICTURE!

Q: What section did you like the most?
A: I thoroughly enjoyed your kitchen section and have referred back to it on numerous occasions. I am an avid cook and someday plan to be a chef or own a restaurant. However, the condo we currently have has large square footage everywhere but the kitchen. This is the smallest kitchen I've had in my life! Your site enabled me to get organized and make the most of my space. I also got rid of a lot of unused things via a yard sale. All of my time here has been very useful and rewarding. I appreciate the owners of this site very much.

Glad we could be of service Jennifer!!!

Q: What section did you like the least?
A: I didn't find the office/business organizing section very applicable for me. My office is shared with my husband who owns and runs our two internet radio stations. Perhaps a section on dealing with others' clutter that influences your life would be a good idea?

Sounds like a GREAT idea for a future update on the site Jennifer!!!

Side note from Jennifer: I've learned to look at my free time as my reward for being efficient and positive (not to mention organized). I also allow those around me to deal with their own issues rather than letting them arrange for me to take them on for myself. THIS has saved me great amounts of time and anguish.

Jennifer, your entry was an absolute DELIGHT!!!! Hope to see you on our BBS!!

JUNE 2000:

CONGRATULATIONS Laurie from Amherst NH!!

Laurie's response was too cute to miss and very honest to say the least!! We all had to chuckle with her first response to: "Do you have a balance between your personal and professional roles?

Laurie said: A balance? You mean people can balance their personal and professional roles?

Actually Laurie, maintaining a balance in one's personal and professional roles is critical to maintaining one's sanity as well.

Taking work home and staying at work for hours after quitting time, will eventually rob you of precious moments in your Life that can never be captured again. Before you know it the kids will be grown and off on their own. The memories you create now are the real rewards in Life!

This works conversely too. Some people are so wrapped up in their home Life -- they cannot concentrate fully on the work at hand in the office. They lose hours each week and never fully give their all to their professional Life. Hence, promotions and new opportunities slip away daily. The key is to give 100% where you are ...be it home or work. Loving your job helps tremendously. So for anyone reading this who is not fully satisfied in their professional life -- I challenge you to the work that we presented in our Spring 2000 Newsletter!!

Bottom line Laurie...if you want the balance bad enough you CAN create it! The key for us all is to tune into some of our out of balance states a.s.a.p.!

Mahalo for your wonderful contribution to our website ..and for your honesty!

March 2000 Winner:

CONGRATULATIONS Brandie from Baldwin Park, CA.

Brandie had a great response that many of our visitors have often commented on as well. When asked: "Have you ever tried to get organized on you own? How?"

Brandie responded:

"I have attempted to get organized by doing a little at a time. I've also done it all at one time. They stay organized for a month or so, then I guess I get lazy and "stuff" begins to pile up again."

Ohhhh, we know the feeling all too well Brandie! The truth of the matter is, that even when an organizing project is completed -- it needs daily maintenance. Most people feel, once it's done they have solved the problem, yet 15 minutes a day is the "MAGIC TIP" here!

Take the last 15 minutes in your day to lickety-split...pickup whatever items are out of place or do not belong in that area. It's got nothing to do with being lazy....and everything to do with understanding that maintenance is an important ingredient!

Thanx, for your response and Happy Organizing!

December 1999 Winner:

CONGRATULATIONS Sandra from Sterling, NE

On Sandra's evaluation of our site when asked: "How could we improve our site?" Sandra commented that: "...it was a bit clumsy to move from one module to another. A site map would be helpful.

Well folks, in case anyone else is struggling with the shear massiveness of the site -- rest assured we took that into consideration a couple of years ago to ease your navigation!

Just scroll down below the counter and click directly on to whatever area you would like to garner some useful organizing information!

Thanx Sandra, for taking the time to express your concerns ...and Happy Organizing!

Sept '99 Winner: CONGRATULATIONS Kristina Simmons from Champlain, New York!!

Your entry has been chosen as the lucky winner for the 3rd quarter of 1999 in the Q&E drawing from the 1,2,3 SORT IT!!

Hope you enjoy your prize Kristina!

Kristina says she's a "binge and purge" kind of organizer, and goes in spurts at one room (or section of a room) at a time. Her biggest problem is that she gets discouraged by the sheer volume of "stuff" and then quits. She thinks: "It's never gonna get any better."

Well, Kristina a little secret here is to stay at one room section by section as you are doing -- until it is complete. As you work the room, make each area you work on a "sacred space" which means NO ONE can dump anything in that area. Enroll the family to assist you in the process and you will find that once each item has a "home" pickup time is a cinch!

Kristina, one last thing...you MUST think positive -- it truly does get better. Go easy on yourself and give it time. The dis-organization didn't happen over night and neither will the organization process.

Keep up the good work!!---

June '99 winner

CONGRATULATIONS Dan Follett from Morgan, Utah!!

Your entry has been chosen as the lucky winner for the 2nd quarter of 1999 in the Q&E drawing from the 1,2,3 SORT IT!!

Enjoy your prize Dan!

Dan submitted a very REAL evaluation and we truly enjoyed his honesty and openness!

When asked: "How could we improve our site?" Dan responded: I got a kick out of the fact that in April 1999 you still have sites labeled "under construction - to be available in fall 1998". Apparently you suffer from some of the same problems keeping to schedules as us mere mortals.


You bet I do! I also accept the fact that I am a Professional Organizer and not a "Perfect Organizer!" *Smile* Sometimes "Life" has other things in store for us all Dan and you do the best you can with what you have in the time allowed. Personally, I have been tested more times this year than ever before about walking the talk and staying in balance with my priorities. (For more details see this quarters Newsletter) Unfortunately that meant letting the website go without updates. I am just very grateful for all the wonderful e-mails I received from all over the world from people inquiring "where are you?" In the past this website has had a marvelous reputation for regular updates. The New Millennium will put 1,2,3 SORT IT back on track -- so long as "Life's Lessons" are smoother.

Mahalo for voicing your observation! It was a wonderful example that we ALL are quite human!

March 1999 Winner:

CONGRATULATIONS Su Jones from Sandy, Utah!!

Your entry has been chosen as the lucky winner for the 1st quarter of 1999 in the Q&E drawing from the 1,2,3 SORT IT!!

Enjoy your prize Su and Mahalo Nui for sharing an IMPORTANT point with all our visitors:

Su wrote:

"...that is why it is somewhat frustrating to have a disorganized home, because I want my children to come before CLEANING. It is more important that they are loved and cared for than ignored because I am cleaning something---and yet I am frustrated at the mess!"

Keep up the great job Su!

December 1998 Winner:

WAY TO GO!! Alison Bell-Irving from North Vancouver, Canada

You have been chosen as the lucky winner for the final quarter of 1998 in the Q&E drawing from the 1,2,3 SORT IT!!

Alison wrote:

"Perhaps you already have a "quicktips" section of ideas from other surfers. I have a few tips that have really helped us (office and house) and I bet everyone else does too! I'd like to know how everyone else manages life.

Alison is right folks!! Feel free to drop your "favorite" tips in our BBS section for Home or Office. Just remember to leave your post in the appropriate BBS so we can keep the website organized too!

The Chatroom is also available to anyone wanting even more discussion of your "real life" organizing challenges too!

Keep those ideas coming Alison!

September 1998 Winner:

BRAVISSIMO!! Shirley Tanaka from San Bruno, CA.

Your entry has been chosen as the lucky winner for 3rd quarter Q&E drawing from the thousands of monthly visitors to the 1,2,3 SORT IT!!

Scroll down to the end of this page to see your prizes Shirley!

Mahalo nui for your great suggestion on "maybe add a budget or money management section to the website."

Happy Organizing!

June 1998 Winner:

A HUGE HOORAH!! for Deborah Williams from Mission Viejo, CA.

You are the lucky winner of the 1998 2nd quarter Q&E drawing from the hundreds of visitors daily to the 1,2,3 SORT IT website!!

Scroll down to the end of this page to see your prizes Deborah!

Remember folks, *anyone* can win -- all you have to do is submit the Q&E form to 1,2,3 SORT IT! Remember, only entries that contain the appropriate snail mail information qualify in order to expedite mailing your prize if you are selected as the winner for the quarter.

Deborah, mahalo nui for your wonderful suggestion on supplying our viewers with more information on "how to find and pick a professional organizer." This is a valuable request for all our visitors and will be addressed in a future update.

Wishing you much continued success and Happy Organizing!

March 1998 Winner:

A BIG Congratulations goes to ...
Holly Kaufman from Canada!

You have been chosen as the lucky winner of the 1st quarter drawing for 1998 from the the ton of evals pouring into the 1, 2, 3 SORT IT website!

Thanx for the great suggestion for more info on organizing your computer life. It's definitely on the list for future updates!

Wishing you much success and Happy Organizing!

Got a friend that could benefit from the website? Remember it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! That's 1, 2, 3 SORT IT-- Organizing Solutions and Innovative Tools!

December 1997 Winner:

A Grand Salute to.....
JaNell Bosco from San Jose, CA.!

You have been chosen as the lucky winner for our 4th quarter drawing from the slew of evaluations pouring into the 1, 2, 3 SORT IT website!

WOW!! Thanx for all the time and effort you put into your eval on the website and a sharp lookout for our "finger-checks" -- did you notice we fixed them? :) ...and we're glad that it has been of service to you!!

Continued success in staying "re-inspired" in mastering your organizing challenges! -- Remember .... tell a friend about your discovery of the 1, 2, 3 SORT IT website for Organizing Solutions and Innovative Tools!

September 1997 Winner:

A round of applause goes to...
BonnieJean Weibe from Ayer, MA.!

You have been chosen as the lucky winner for our 3rd quarter drawing from the MANY evaluations submitted to the 1, 2, 3 SORT IT website!

Kudos for taking the time to send us your great comments! And especially for being so patient in receiving your prizes while we were restructuring with a brand new web host!!

Continued success in staying "re-inspired" in mastering your organizing challenges! -- Remember .... tell a friend about your discovery of the 1, 2, 3 SORT IT website for Organizing Solutions and Innovative Tools!

June 1997 Winner:

Linwood Beacom from Pleasant Hill CA. !

You have been chosen as the lucky winner in our first quarterly drawing from the evaluations submitted on our website!

We thank you for taking the time to send us your SUPER feedback! Much success to you
in achieving tackling your organizing challenges -- & remember to tell everyone you know about
your discovery of the 1,2,3 SORT IT website for Organizing Solutions & Innovative Tools!

March 1997 Winner:

Mary Rick of Muskego, Wisconsin!

You have been chosen as the lucky winner in our first quarterly drawing from the evaluations submitted on our website! Thanx for the GREAT feedback! Keep coming back, we have hot new information loaded into this website by the first of every month!

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