"Hi! You have arrived just in time! Welcome to a plain, ordinary day in John Q's home office. We are about to start our work day and we have much to accomplish."

Wait ! Do you hear that? What is all the commotion about? Let's take a peek...

"Hi John! Good to see you! Wow! I sure hope nothing valuable was taken during the break in!"

John Q:
"Huh? Oh, hi Julie. I forgot we had an appointment today! Break in? Ohhh, there was no break in. What gave you that idea? I sure wish I could find that phone number though ..."

"Hmmm, I'd say in that case John, we arrived just in the nick of time! It looks like you could use some support and assistance from professionals."

"Welcome to the 1,2,3, SORT IT Website." Julie Signore is your host for an outrageously fun trip through a multitude of organizing dilemmas. Julie is a personal and professional coach / consultant who has a passion for organization. Julie's expertise in organizing principles will make your life easier and less stressful. She'll help you get organized and advise you on the organizational tools you need.

Now, let's see if any of this sounds familiar:

Every business card you've ever handled and many of last years papers
...still begging for your attention
Boxes of receipts, receipts and more receipts
...all in a heap on what used to be the office floor?

Have your colleagues been leaving cute little signs on your office door?
"Enter at your own risk."
"Not responsible for items placed down -- anywhere."
"This is what the black hole really looks like."
"Where's Waldo?"

Or how about this:

The sign in the kitchen reads "WARNING: Helmet Required." You know what we mean, it's the cabinet door you can never open without something falling out...
so you crack the door open a teeny weeny bit ...
toss the item in and SLAM the door real quick!
Ahhhhh! Your safe! Until next time...


If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you are exactly where you need to be! From experience, we know that John Q is not alone. Although he is a fictitious character, his experience is typical of most people confronted with the overwhelm and stress associated with dis-organization. We know that most people really wish they could be more organized ...if they only knew where to begin and how to find the time!

Did you know the average person loses 2 full years of their life searching for lost or mis-placed items? [It's true!] So, stick around everyone! We have tips, tricks and a gamut of tools that will assist you.

Our intent is to support you in achieving your five year old New Years Resolution: "I'm going to Get Organized!" Our objective is to provide you with fun and simple tools and techniques to achieve this goal in your personal and professional life.

John Q:
"Hey -- now where is the desk? It used to be here in the corner. Ouch! I guess I found it!"

Join us!
It's time to take a peak at the real world of organizing!