Miracle Make-overs

OK gang. Are you ready for the challenge???

You have perused this website extensively and now you understand what needs to be done (smile) Now is the time to "Just Do It." If you still come across any stumbling blocks you always have the Residential BBS and the Business BBS ...and even the Chat Room to assist you as needed.

So this is what I'm looking for: THE ULTIMATE IN SUCCESS STORIES!!!!

Take a picture of your "BEFORE" challenge and apply the wealth of tips you find in this website. Then take that very important AFTER shot and send it to me!!

I am on a serious mission to look for *your* ULTIMATE success story!!!

Any entries submitted will only contain your first name and State (unless you want me to include more.) Since January '97 when this website premiered I have received an onslaught of requests for more motivating pictures such as the ones you will see below. We do this for a living (and we LOVE what we do) ...now it's your turn!!!

I have received numerous "Success Stories" ...now it's time we give everyone the motivation to get out their and create their own -- so send those pictures in!!!

Mail all "Before and After" shots to:
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PO Box 1112
Kula, Maui, HI. 96790

I'd LOVE to here from "YOU" !!!!!

It's a Miracle!

Actually, it's the professional work of your hosts, Julie Signore and Alan Aurich. Take a look at the before and after pictures of actual projects we have completed in our private practices of the Phoenix Organizational Consulting Service and Alliance One On One, respectively.


Excess clutter not only creates dis-organization, it renders wasted time, money and space.

  • Wasted time: searching for items that you know you have, yet are unable to locate expeditiously.
  • Wasted money: becoming frustrated with futile searches for items you know you have contributes to the next natural tendency: purchase more of the same ...hoping the rest will eventually turn up one day.
  • Wasted space: in duplicating what we already own (and cannot locate), we are infringing on a valuable commodity we are all faced with: limited space.

  • When deciding to declutter your surroundings ask yourself: "Do I need it or do I want it?" Beware of any lack of decision making on your part. Many people are plagued with "piles of indecision."


    Having weeded through many, many, many piles and boxes, my client flagged numerous items as "necessary and critical." We donated much of her excess to charity and local schools, recycling whatever we could along the way.

    Having created a workable space, we then hired a carpenter to build a specific storage design we created to suit her individual needs and space.

    Under stairwells are often overlooked in regards to being incredible avenues of alternative space. The cabinets in this picture house a multitude of adjustable shelves for office supplies as well as a 6 foot high storage area for vacuum, brooms and mops.

    The cabinets and extensive shelving allowed my client the necessary visual requirements to locate what she needed -- when she needed it.

    The front section under the narrower portion of the stairs now holds 3 ample sized drawers to contain specific hobbies and crafts.


    Do you own a desk? In the field of Professional Organizing you assume nothing!

    Believe it or not, this is not such an obvious question for many people operating out of a home office . Oftentimes, people will spread out on a kitchen table, or place a board across 2 filing cabinets. The need is met only temporarily.

    In this case boxes became the object of choice to house the multitude of papers that traversed the office. In no time it became a breeding ground for further dis organization. Important papers and bills were strewn about -- creating a great deal of inner turmoil and stress.


    Understand that a desk is an essential piece of equipment whether you operate a home office or just need a place to pay the bills. This is an integral tool and investment in yourself, that allows you to function more efficiently and more effectively.

    Utilizing my "5 basket system" we now have an orderly manner in which to segregate mail, bills, reading material and basically all paperwork.

    • to do
    • to read
    • to file
    • today
    • trash

    There are specific areas setup within the desk to store critical files, office supplies, bills, stationary and pertinent business information. In the words of my client: "Things are now 100% better, although I'm still having trouble with getting into the right habits."

    Understand that dis-organization was not created overnight. Be patient with yourself in your decision to declutter and get organized. There are necessary steps to take to create new habits to assist you along the way that are worth their weight in "peace of mind."


    "I envision an office space that is conducive to long periods of concentration and occupation, furniture that will be durable and as spacious as possible, and files that will be easy to work with.

    With all the things in my job that I cant control, I feel that having a solid, organized office space makes me feel that there is something that I have some impact in."--

    Fortune 500 Executive


    Organization is a key component to establishing a work environment that allows employees to excel. In this example we created the following solutions with a custom designed desk and storage unit:

  • Adjustable, open shelving for binders, books, bound material, art and accessories

  • Enclosed cabinets to store office supplies, stationery, computer manuals and computer accessories

  • Drawers with drawer inserts to organize utilities: pens, pencils, scissors, staple remover, etc.

  • Adjustable dividers (slots) that help organize company literature, tools, stationery address labels, etc.

  • Dedicated areas for office equipment: computer, printer, fax machine, copier and telephone

  • Ample file drawers for files: administrative, client and resource files

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