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As experts in our industry, we constantly search for products and services that will support you in getting organized. We literally travel the world and devour any reading material that will lead us to the resources you need. In some cases the distribution channels are limited. If we see a product or service we feel will benefit your efforts to get organized, we will be offering it here.

Peruse through our listing here of products and services, guaranteed to help you with organizing.

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FLEXSORT: The Ultimate Desktop Organizing System

Are paper piles, file folders and who knows what -- crowding your desktop? Can you find that important document you need? How about that client check you "know" is here somewhere? Here's a great solution -- FLEXSORT -- the ultimate desktop organizing system!

You can start using FLEXSORT immediately! Use it to organize:

  • Action files
  • Resource files
  • Bills

  • Client files
  • Project files
  • Voice-mail messages

  • In-coming mail
  • Out-going mail
  • Just about everything!!!

Pinway International Inc. Is the creator of this nifty tool, so you can make organizing fun and easy -- instantly! FLEXSORT is perfect for those who manage a multitude of activities concurrently and those who are organizationally challenged. FLEXSORT is an excellent product to help you keep items upright, visible and accessible -- and all within arms reach. Customize Flexsort to serve your needs! Its completely flexible! Flexsort includes these features: Or you can order directly here at the 1,2,3 SORT IT website! $38.90 Hmmm, looks good!


OK folks! We have you covered with this nifty little guy in an array of multiple uses! Enter: Flexsort Jr.

This mini expandable version of the original Flexsort has a multitude of uses!

  • Organize all those recipe cards clumped in a pile in your Kitchen
  • Create a mini-mail sorter
  • Bring order to your "coupon clipping challenges"
  • Organize notes, permission slips and schedules from school
  • Contain receipts for products you need to return
  • De-clutter your desk of loose CD's or diskettes

You know how we at 1,2,3 SORT IT are advocates of giving your kids the appropriate tools to keep them organized -- well this nifty little tool is perfect for them as well! Just think, they can now organize and handle important papers for school, sports schedules, creative activities, magazines, activity and game books...even their nightly story reading adventure!

Truth be known the only limits to FLEXSORT Jr. -- is your imagination!

Reasonably priced at $17.90 (includes s/h), the FLEXSORT Jr. is made utilizing a heavy duty, durable plastic. It has 19 different slots and comes with 9 removable dividers. Expanding from 5.5" to 8.75", it was designed with the same "slinky" mechanism (remember that toy?) as the original FLEXSORT, allowing papers to stand upright -- plus -- each compartment can change widths as your needs vary!

This is such a great organizing tool we recommend you order several! One for each child, your office and kitchen! FLEXSORT Jr. is available in a several colors: orange with beige base, and green with black base.

Or you can order directly here at the 1,2,3 SORT IT website!

EZ Pocket
is designed for those feeling far more comfort with their papers directly in front of them. This innovative calendar contains pockets for every day of the month. Just stash your bills, appointment cards, broadway tickets, special occasion cards -- whatever -- directly into the pocket with the corresponding date the item is due or needs to be mailed out.

The system keeps everything intact for you -- so you won't forget! EZ POCKET™ works extremely well for:

  • very visual or right brain dominant people
  • anyone attempting to reclaim their desktop surface
  • anyone running short of space for important reminders
  • people who have a tendency to misplace "important" things
  • assisting kids in being more responsible with timely reminders for their need of ride service, games or events

EZ POCKET™ is a cinch to install -- all you need is 3 pushpins to position it directly on a door or wall EZ POCKET™ flaunts:
  • 31 pockets that hold a standard size envelope
  • 5 colorful cards to use as reminder flags
  • convenient 27"(w) x 36"(l) measurements
  • 100% cotton canvas to last a lifetime!
  • 4 brilliant color choices: natural, forest green, rich red and powder blue.
  • reasonably priced at $38.90
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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EZ Pocket -- 5 Pocket Weekly and Project Organizer

EZ Pocket 5 Pocket Weekly and Project Organizer
EZ Pocket is back again folks with yet another truly innovative organizing tool!

Remember the fantastic vertical bill/mail paying pocket system EZ Pocket created? Well these ingenious folks are at it again!!

Made especially with the "visual person" in mind, the EZ Pocket -- 5 Pocket Organizer is a great way to keep your project files and weekly files out in front of you in a truly organized fashion. Their new product is a hanging system that actually holds your file folders -- legal size files too!!

EZ Pocket's clever design allows you to keep your important files in front of you in a vertical manner in order to save on your "prime real estate space" aka: the desktop surface.

The overall design and simplicity allows you to keep tabs on projects for the upcoming week, thus eliminating all the pieces of paper normally kept out in front of you piled or scattered on the desktop.

Now you can avoid the "out of sight, out of mind" syndrome. Rest assured that you can find those important documents WHEN you need them!

As with all their products, EZ Pocket is very well made of a durable canvas, comes in natural or hunter green and is smartly priced at $33.90 (shipping and handling included.) It comes in 2 styles: one for the days of the week and the other with clear plastic pockets to create your own labeling system. Both are great for home or office!

Feel free to visit the EZ Pocket website, or contact Carol Westerman at: or call directly at: (800) 681-8681 ...and make sure you tell them you heard of their fantastic product here!

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Your Garagenous Zone:

Once in a while a REALLY awesome product comes along that I am totally sold on ...and Your Garagenous Zone receives a 10+ in my book!

Bill West is the designer/author of "Your Garagenous Zone" and he has painstakingly gone above and beyond your wildest expectations with this product.

Are you challenged with lack of organization in your garage? Are your garage doors locked and bolted due to all the *stuff* stacked and stored in what has become a free-for-all in your home? Or do you only open the garage doors at night -- in the dark -- when the neighbors cannot see the contents? Are you looking for an extra space that can be utilized in a multitude of ways for the entire family? Have you overlooked some "prime real estate" space in your home for neatly organizing and storing a wealth of items, hobbies and tools?

Look no further! "Your Garagenous Zone" is THE complete package from soup to nuts on the How To's of creating the most incredible garage you have ever dreamed possible.

Bill was frustrated with his own garage and set out on a mission to make a transition in this space the whole family could utilize and be proud of in the process. In his "How To Book" he supplies you with dimensions, supplies needed, product recommendations and a wealth of tips to organize your "dream space."

"Your Garagenous Zone" was created with the intent to enable people to organize their garage, expand storage capacity, and create new uses for the garage. The goal has been surpassed with this "must have" garage tool.

If you achieved success with our "Desk Organizing Recipe" or our "Kitchen Organizing Recipe" -- then "Your Garagenous Zone" is EXACTLY what you've been waiting for!

You can purchase this book for $25.95 directly through our secured server in the Orders To Go section.

No matter how you order the product -- the timing couldn't be better for your annual Spring Cleaning around the home!

Ultimate College Checklist:
by Diana Zimmerman President of "Solutions"

Alright parents, brace yourselves! Many of your young college students will be home for the holidays that are fast approaching. Want to make their holiday departure a little more organized than when they left for their first semester? Now is the time to help your young adults assume a bit more responsibility. Either that or you just may find yourself sending "weekly" care packages, for the rest of the year ...for all the items they forgot! (in your spare time - right?)

Enter the "Ultimate College Checklist!"

The comforts of home ...and all the tools, conveniences and cloths that go with it! Remembering the small stuff, can be a real challenge when your young adult suddenly takes off for homelife in a dorm. Yet, this nifty little booklet thought of everything! From extension cords to heaters and duct tape to thermal underwear and much, much more!

This handy booklet covers the gamut with some very wise tips along the way! Makes a great stocking stuffer, or a survival purchase - NOW! Just think you'll be more prepared for their arrivals and departures for the next four years!

It's a definite "keeper" and invaluable organizing tool for parents and young adults going away to school or college. Guaranteed to make each departure a bit less chaotic you have more time to do what's really important -- be with your kids!

Your First Apartment and The Ultimate College Checklist sell for a reasonable $6 each (includes s/h) OR you can get both for just $10 here on this website!!

Don't want to wait for the soft cover booklet? Then download them both in our Registered Members area and receive your pdf file IMMEDIATELY for $4 each!

Diana Zimmerman President of "Solutions"
Your First Apartment

From the makers of "The Ultimate College Checklist" comes yet another remarkable keeper from the "How Am I Suppose To Know That Series."

Your First Apartment, is loaded with helpful tips and clues to make the transition into your own first apartment more stress free...while keeping a watchful eye open to some important facts that you may not have thought of as a newbie to apartment hunting/living!

Your First Apartment covers: inspecting your potential living space, leases, roommates, attaining utilities, financial arrangements for shared living expenses, pets, security issues, basic furnishings, equipping your first kitchen, useful tools and necessary supplies and tips for locating merchants and suppliers that are a must!

Prior to signing that lease Your First Apartment walks you through a gamut of things that need to be considered. Here are a few of our favorites from the booklet for the first time renter:

What you need to know:

  • Where are the circuit breakers and how do you turn off the water?
  • Availability of parking for you and your guests. Are there any local ordinances relating to street parking?
  • Understanding your security deposit.

What you need:
  • step stool
  • collapsible shopping cart
  • tool kit: hammer, tape measure, pliers, screw drivers (regular and Phillips), nails, screws, picture hooks, wire, duct tape, electrical tape, velcro, swiss army knife
  • packing a survival box -- for moving day
Your First Apartment and The Ultimate College Checklist sell for a reasonable $6 each (includes s/h) OR you can get both for just $10 here on this website!! Don't want to wait for the soft cover booklet? Then download them both in our Registered Members area and receive your pdf file IMMEDIATELY for $4 each!

JR. File Folders

It's ingenious! This product will help you sort and file those hard to remember business cards. Most of us are familiar with standard file folders for storing paper. Now the concept has been adapted for business cards! Categorize business cards by subject, project or event -- 12 colored Jr. Files™ to a package -- just enough to get you started.

On a trip to Boston to interview salespeople for a new product line, we picked up six business cards from various reps. When we returned, we began filing them alphabetically for later reference in case the first reps didn't work out. After filing a few, however, we realized we were unlikely to remember their names later.

As we regrettably tossed their cards into a pile of 500 other such cards, we realized that what we needed was a small file folder for our card file. In mere seconds, we could write "Boston Contacts" on the tab, file it alphabetically, and we would be able to find it easily in the future ... Jr. ™ File Folders was born!

Jr.™ brand file folders give you the ability to create a new filing system or enhance your current one based on the way you think. You can:

  • Highlight important cards
  • Group information
  • Store loose data

By creating a homebase for each piece of information, you'll save on reference and retrieval time.

JR. Files come is a variety of exciting colors and sizes to fit ANY style or size Rolodex. There are 12 to a pack ...any size for ONLY $5.00

Hmmm, looks good!

Mutiny in the Kitchen

Discover how you can regain full use of your entire kitchen following this simple and humorous step-by-step Kitchen Organizing Recipe

Mutiny on the Desktop

Discover how you can regain your desktop following this simple and humorous, step-by-step Desktop Organizing Recipe.

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