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During the past few years with our presence on the web, it has been an ongoing mission of 1,2,3 SORT IT to supply you with tons of information to help you in making educated decisions about "getting organized." Whether it be assisting you with product ideas in our regular "Hot Picks, tips for your home, office, business or life -- we've worked hard to cover the gamut. As extensive as this site is -- it is by no means complete. 1,2 3 SORT IT vows to bring a wealth of even MORE information to your fingertips next year!

Since the inception of this website, we have received hundreds of inquiries from people asking where to find a Professional Organizer located near them. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) has a membership of approximately 1100 Professionals, in which each professional has established a unique niche.

With this in mind, 1,2,3 SORT IT will now be highlighting a very special group of Professional Organizers from around the country. We are now in the process of bringing on board to this website, a unique and diversified group of highly skilled and trained Professionals for you to pick from.

Just click below to the Professional Organizer of your choice. Feel free to email them after you have read a bit about their company, products and services. Many of the people listed below do travel beyond their geographic area, and provide educational training for the corporate and private sectors -- so just ask! They are at your service!

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